For a holiday dedicated to windsurfing: the 5 best spots in Capoliveri

windsurfing on Elba Island: Capoliveri

Elba Island, as you surely know, is a real, small paradise. Also for windsurfing. And Capoliveri is one of the best areas of the island to practice your favourite sport.

Especially in these five spots:

  1. Lido di Capoliveri. The first is a white sandy beach, easy to reach from Capoliveri. The winds of this spot are Mistral and Sirocco. Usually, lido di Capoliveri is always very crowded in summer.
  2. Lacona. It is the largest beach in the homonymous gulf. Its sand is white and the winds are Mistral and Sirocco. Lacona is smaller than lido di Capoliveri and crowded in summer. Near, you will discover Laconella, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.
  3. Naregno. About five hundred meters long: Naregno is a small pebbles and fine white sand beach, easy to reach. In this case, the wind that will allow you to windsurfing is Levanter. Even in summer, Naregno is never too crowded.
  4. Innamorata. According to many, this is the most romantic beach on Elba Island. You’ll discover a small spot “served” by several winds.
  5. Margidore. The last of the best spots for windsurfing in Capoliveri is Margidore: a large pebbles beach, about 750 meters long.


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