Hidden landscape of the island: the best 5 wild beaches on Elba

Elba Island wild beaches

A nook that offers a rich landscape, unique in its splendor, where are located paradisiacal beaches among the most beautiful in the world. But beyond the most famous there are at least five wild beaches on Elba Island that you should see.

  1. Tombe beach: in the town of Marina di Campo, the name of the beach comes from the discovery of ancient Etruscan tombs not far from the bay. Here travelers can enjoy a picturesque landscape thanks to the presence of an impressive cliff, emerald sea and a black pebbles beach. To get there you need to walk for about 10 minutes.
  2. The Remaiolo beach: get there on foot is quite tiring, the ideal would be to get there by bike along a gravel street for at least 20 minutes. This sandy bay is located in the town of Capoliveri and is the ideal place to enjoy sea, sun and nature. The bay winds from Punta Calamita to Capo Calvo.
  3. The Colombaia beach: between the wild beaches of the island of Elba, Colombaia is one of the best. It is also called the 100 steps, but the beach is not very famous. After going down 100 steps, the panorama before our eyes will leave you speechless: thin and soft sand, Mediterranean vegetation and a sea with all shades of green and blue.
  4. The Schiopparello beach: a long stretch of coastline inside the bay of Portoferraio, characterized by fine and gray sand and transparent and pristine waters. All around the Mediterranean scrub, in particular tamarisks and pines, frames this charming beauty.
  5. Capo Perla beach: a bay frequented mostly by locals. Its peace is essentially due to the fact that the access to this is beach is not too easy. The beach is pebbly with colors from gray to the clear blue of sea. The beach is in Straccoligno and is dominated by the presence of the Fort Focardo.

Just take few moments to be seduced by the beauty of these wild beaches where time seems to have stopped.

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