Where to see the sunset on Elba island: 5 romantic and suggestive places

Where to see the sunset on Elba island

What could be more romantic than an enchanting view of the sea with the sun starting to fall behind the horizon? Usually, scenarios like that immediately make you think of Valentine’s Day but not necessarily: it’s always the right moment to indulge in a small couple’s holiday. And if you are wondering where to see the sunset on Elba island, the best places are these five.


Innamorata Beach

It is located just south of Capoliveri. From here, you can admire an incomparable sunset over the sea, among the most romantic and evocative that the whole Elba island can offer you. Also, know that the Innamorata beach is one of the most romantic places you can find on the island: simply perfect for this couple’s holiday.


Islet of Paolina

This beach, not far from Portoferraio, overlooks the north coast, so the sunset is not on the sea. But the peculiarity of the location makes it perfect anyway: that of the Paolina (so named because Napoleon’s sister particularly loved this place) is a small island that rises a short distance from the coast, absolutely unique and special, especially when the sun begins to fall .



A small but picturesque village located along the so-called western Ring of Elba island. Now, imagine strolling along the promenade or between ancient streets, or sip something to drink while the sun begins to set on a bewitching sea: a perfect moment like few others.


Mount Capanne

At the top of Mount Capanne you can also go on foot: this small excursion is very pleasant and absolutely not very demanding. From here, you can embrace the whole Elba island with your eyes: can you think about what incomparable show you will see if you are on top at sunset?


Cape Sant’Andrea

From the beach of Sant’Andrea (which, among other things, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba island), just follow a small path that will lead you to the cliff of Cape Sant’Andrea, also known as “coti piane”, so called because it is flat rocks, perfect for sitting, maybe hand in hand: choose your favorite and enjoy the sunset.

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