Where to go to the beach in July in Italy? Elba island is ready to welcome you

Where to go to the beach in July in Italy

A sea like this is neither an illusion nor a montage. It is, simply, one of the many glimpses of the sea that Elba island is able to give to all its visitors. And if you are looking for where to go to the beach in July in Italy, here you have found the right destination for you.


Why Elba island in July

First of all, although the high season has officially begun, however, you will not meet the full of tourists who, every year, choose Elba for their holidays. You will then be able to still find quiet corners where you have the feeling that the island is there for you.

In addition, in July it is still possible to find lower prices, compared to August, for accommodation in hotels and holiday homes: you can visit a beautiful place and still save money compared to the highlight month for the holidays.


What kind of beach do you prefer?

  • Sandy beaches. For you, beach is synonymous with sand. Not any grain, but immaculate expanses, almost white, lapped by a transparent sea. In other words, what is right for you is the most beautiful sandy beaches of Elba island: Fetovaia, Cavoli and Lacona are just some of them.
  • Beaches for children. The next holiday will be in the company of the little ones. Marina di Campo, Lacona, delle Ghiaie, Biodola and Scaglieri are the best children’s beaches on Elba island. They are sandy, easily accessible and equipped with all the amenities you could wish for, so practically perfect.
  • Less known beaches. You would prefer, for this holiday, not to see the most popular places. Because you would like to bring home some memories and some special photos. Details just like the less known beaches: beaches such as Ripa Barata, Crocetta and Cotoncello may not be easily reached but offer beautiful views.


The most beautiful beaches

You don’t settle. Even in July, you only want the best. And it is exactly what the most beautiful beaches of Elba island can guarantee: there are ten in all and each of them is like a small paradise made of crystal clear water and uncontaminated nature.



At this point, what are you waiting to book a place on one of the ferries to Elba island? In July, the sea of ​​this island is a real show and will give you a holiday that you will not forget.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/roby82

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