Where to eat on Elba Island: 3 specialties for 3 different towns

Elba Island where to eat

The typical recipes of Elba Island are many. And, above all, they’re really tasty. And you’d like to taste them during your next vacation. You just need to know where to eat. Or, in other words, which are the best places where to find such specialties.


1. Portoferraio

Portoferraio is ancient, rich in history, culture, charm and taste. Especially the narrow streets of its cozy old town centre. Here you will find several restaurants. Walking there, you will literally be captured by the smells of sburrita, imbollite, cacciucco (a fish soup). Let the smells decide for you.


2. Porto Azzurro

Reading the name (that literally means “azure port”), you surely have understood which is the specialty of this place. If you love fish recipes and you don’t want to leave Elba without having tasted the most delicious dishes, you have to choose one of the restaurants of Porto Azzurro.

Accept another good advice. In Porto Azzurro, several restaurants have a terrace overlooking the sea. If you are spending a romantic vacation, it’s the ideal place for a dinner.


3. Poggio

It’s famous thanks to the Chestnut Festival. Poggio is a small town on the mountains of the island, along the road from Marciana Marina to Marina di Campo. You will discover that Elba Island cuisine can surprise you even with meat and vegetable recipes, and this is the right place to find a restaurant.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/portobayevents

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