What to see in Pianosa: the 5 most important places of the isle

what to see Pianosa

Elba Island is the destination of your next  holidays. After you’ve seen it, you want to do a little excursion to Pianosa. But you don’t know what are the most important things to see.

How can we define Pianosa? One adjective says it all: faraway. Not from a physical point of view, it’s just a hour far from Elba Island. Pianos is far away from the modernity. A place where you can be immersed in the nature, where you can leave the cement, the stress and the traffic behind. And this is  near Elba Island.

  1. Forte Teglia. It’s on a rocky spur. On the left there’s the old port of Pianosa, on the right there’s the modern one. In a certain way, Forte Teglia will welcome you. It’s a majestic fortify complex which was desired by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  2. Palazzo della Specola. With Forte Teglia and the crenellated curtains, Palazzo della Specola completes the fortifications system that protected the port of Pianosa. It’s composed by some buildings huddled together.
  3. Chiesa di San Gaudenzio. Its structure is really simple, it’s composed only of one nave with barrel-vault. The church, which was totally restructured and frescoed in 1942, it’s really ancient.
  4. Catacombe di Pianosa. Another testimony about how ancient is the history of this little isle in the earth of the Tyrrhenian sea. The catacombs were built in the III-IV century. They is an incredible maze of alleyways, galleries that were used as places of burial since the first Christian communities that occupied the isle. The entrance of the catacombs is near the port.
  5. Faro di Pianosa. As every lighthouse, it’s wonderful. It has a really simple structure, composed by a white tower on a rectangular plan building.

So, these are the five most important things to see in Pianosa. But there’s also a sixth. And we are obviously talking about its sea, uncontaminated and clear.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ranran2

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