Vetrangoli beach: dark gravel in a charming place

Vetrangoli beachThe colors of Vetrangoli beach amaze all the visitors who choose to visit it. The beach is small, but, for this reason, even more special. And it’s a mix of dark gravel and white sand: a color effect that you can’t easily forget, because it is unique. It is not by chance that Vetrangoli is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba island.

The color of the beach is due to the presence of minerals in the sand. The coast, in some way, embraces Vetrangoli, which is a kind of groove open to the south, overlooking a sea that is incomparable. It is still a wild and pristine beach: on Vetrangoli beach there aren’t any services, so it isn’t particularly suitable for those who are on Elba island with children.

Instead, it is recommended for those who dream to lie down in a place where nature reigns supreme, and where you will feel completely far from the stress of everyday life. A beach that ensures great relaxation.

Vetrangoli beach is located near Capoliveri, on the southern coast of the island, near the mining area. It can be reached only by boat from the near Remaiolo beach, separated only by a small promontory that can be overcome even by dinghy, while the most athletic people could have the opportunity to have a pleasant dip.


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