Typical recipes of Elba Island: the tradition of the stoccafisso alla riese

riese stockfish

Have you ever heard someone saying that you can’t call it a holiday without having ate the traditional recipes of the chosen destination? Well, this is particularly true if the chosen destination is Elba Island. And to let you know its renowned culinary tradition, here we start with one of the most typical recipes of the isle: the stoccafisso alla riese.



1,2 kilos of stockfish, garlic, onion, parsley, half a kilo of potatoes, chili pepper, tomato conserve, a glass of wine, black olives, an anchovy, capers, pine nuts, oil, salt.


How to prepare:

  • Cut the stockfish in pieces.
  • Cut the potatoes in not so big pieces.
  • Take a pot and make a sauté with two glasses of oil, garlic, onion, parsley and chili pepper.
  • Put the stockfish in the sautéed and let it develop more flavor over low heat.
  • Add a glass of white wine and make it simmer until reduced.
  • Once the wine is evaporated, add the tomato conserve.
  • Add potatoes, black olives, pine nuts, anchovy and capers (dripped from the vinegear).
  • Cook over low heat, adding a bit of oil if necessary.


Once the cooking is over, there’s a little secret that will let your stoccafisso alla riese be very special: before serving it, let it stand for a bit, so that it will be more tasty.


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Image source: Flickr.com/photos/ci_polla

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