The twelve nights of Befana 2015: the Italian traditions for kids

  • Published: 22-12-2014
  • Category: Events

Befana Italy 2015When the ancient Italian traditions come to the fore. The result is a show for kids based on the ancient Italian traditions. Traditions narrated in the show Le 12 notti della Befana (“The twelve nights of Befana”). A free show for kids that will take place on December 28th, in Garibaldi theater, Rio nell’Elba.

Twelve nights. From December 25th to January 6th. This is the trip of Befana, the old woman of the Italian tradition who delivers gifts to children. This year, the trip of Befana has a very peculiar meaning: giving back imagination to children that lost it due to television and other media.

In order to reach her aim, Befana can rely on very special assistants: poor children from all over the world, from Africa, from Asia, from South America, from Russia. This is the plot of this show with actors, puppets and animated foam rubber dolls, inspired by the ancient Italian traditions about Befana. A show that will make children have fun, and will make adults think.

For more information about The twelve nights of Befana, an Italian tradition, visit the official website And to watch this show, the only thing you have to do is book a ferry Elba ticket.


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