The 4 most beautiful legends of Elba Island, Tuscany: love, treasures and mythology

Tuscan legends: Elba Island

The history of the island is composed of two parts. The first is made of documented events. The second, however, is made of fascinating stories. Stories such as the four most beautiful legends of Elba island.


1. L’innamorata

Lorenzo and Maria are the protagonist of the legend. The Innamorata beach was their love nest. A love impeded by their families. One day, pirates kidnapped Lorenzo while he was waiting for Maria. When she arrived on the beach, Maria saw the pirate ship. In an attempt to save him, he jumped into the sea. The woman disappeared into the waves, leaving behind only the white shawl.


2. The treasure of Porto Azzurro

Ferdinand IV king of Naples wanted to secure his most precious objects and many and inestimable artworks. He putted them on a boat. But Polluce (this is the name of the boat) sunk in Porto Azzurro. Many people attempted to found this treasure, but sea didn’t give back anything. Maybe, this treasure is still waiting under the sea of Porto Azzurro.


3. The seduta della Madonna

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte is one of the most beautiful hermitages of the island. Nearby, there are the grotto of the Virgin Mary and a small rock called seduta della Madonna (literally, “seat of Virgin Mary”): according to the legend, the tired Virgin Mary sat on that rock.


4. The Argonauts

Once they found the Golden Fleece, Argonauts started their trip back home. During the trip, they landed on several islands and coasts. And one of this island was known as Aethalia. Here Argonauts found a perfect and safe place where to dock.

Aethalia was the ancient name of Elba Island. And that safe place was Spiaggia delle Ghiaie, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.


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