Trekking minerario alla vecchia ferrovia: between sea views and “lunar” landscapes

  • Published: 13-09-2017
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Trekking minerario alla vecchia ferrovia 2017

Elba Island offers many opportunities to practice sport. In particular, there is a recommended event for all hiking enthusiasts. An event that will show a very special side of the island. We’re talking about Trekking minerario alla vecchia ferrovia, on October 1st, 2017.


La via della vecchia ferrovia

Literally, it means “the road of the old railway”. The starting point is the spiaggia dell’Innamorata (one of the most beautiful beaches in the territory of Capoliveri). From here, walking for about three hours, you’ll arrive to the cantiere a cielo aperto del Vallone (an old open-pit mine).

You’ll walk along the old railway that connects the cantiere del Vallone to the closest port, that was the beach of Innamorata. A path with “two souls”: on one side, there are the unforgettable views of the sea; on the other side, there are “lunar” landscapes.



We are talking about the second town on Elba Island. Since you are here for the walk, why not plan the weekend (October 1st is Sunday) in order to visit Capoliveri?

  • The things to see in Capoliveri are really several, such as forte Focardo and the santuario della Madonna delle Grazie.
  • Since the mood of this short holiday is walking, there also the several paths that cross monte Calamita.


How to get there

To get from Portoferraio (on the north coast, one of the main ports for the ferries to Elba Island) to Capoliveri (on the south coast), you have to:

  • Take the county road 24 towards south;
  • Follow the road signs to Capoliveri, taking the county road 26;
  • Take the county road 31 and follow the road signs to Capoliveri.

The journey by car takes about twenty minutes.


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