Trekking in Elba Island: the path from Capo Castello to Cavo

capo castello cavo

You’ll walk through houses and mausoleums on mountains’ tops. Without forgetting the sea, that you can glimpse through the luxuriant Mediterranean maquis and the holm oak woods. This is the path from Capo Castello to Cavo. Recommended for all the trekking lovers that visit Elba Island.

Lenght: 4 kilometers

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty level: easy

The path:

  1. The starting point is Capo Castello, which is one kilometer far from the inhabited center of Cavo, along the Oriental coast of Elba Island.
  2. Near villa Tonietti, take a mule track that twists and turns through the Mediterranean maquis characterized by the presence of strawberry trees.
  3. Once you arrive at a crossroads, take the right path and you’ll arrive in Capo della Vita, the extreme northern point of Elba Island.
  4. Here the mule track becomes a very narrow trail along the coast. During this part of the path you can see cala dei Cancherelli and cala della Mandriola. The Mediterranean maquis is characterized by rosemary, myrtle and juniper.
  5. After 500 meters, take the mule track that twists and turns through a luxuriant vegetation, mostly characterized by the presence of holm oaks. Sometimes you’ll glimpse Portoferraio’s natural harbor.
  6. After 45 minutes you reach a clearing delimited by umbrella pines, black pines and Aleppo’s pines: there’s the Tonietti’s mausoleum on the left.
  7. A little trail starts at the left of the cleaning. After about 40 minutes of walking, you’ll reach a house, totally immersed in the nature. From here an asphalt road arrives in Cavo.

As said before, Cavo is on the oriental coast of Elba Island. And it’s easy to reach from Rio Marina taking the provincial road 26 to north (the trip lasts about 10 minutes by car)


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