Hiking on Elba island: 6 routes not to be missed (plus 3 great ideas)

Hiking on Elba island

Six routes to discover the nature, the landscapes and the many panoramas of this destination, an authentic paradise for sport enthusiasts like you. Six itineraries of different difficulty that are able to satisfy all hikers, from beginners to experts. Here is where to practice hiking on Elba island.


The routes

  • Marciana-San Cerbone-Valle di Pedalta-La Stretta-Marciana. Hiking path about 8.5 kilometers long, with a vertical drop of 350 meters and to be covered in average over four hours and tries minutes. It is a ring that winds through the western part of Elba island, and that will lead the enthusiast to cross chestnut woods, Mediterranean scrub, rocky slopes and the historic center of several localities in the area.
  • Marciana-Madonna del Monte-Troppolo-Chiessi. 12 kilometers long for a route to cover in about six hours and with a difference in altitude between 340 and 680 meters, along the westernmost coast of the island. So, it is an itinerary between sea and mountain that starts from the small village in the hills of Marciana and that, through breathtaking views overlooking the sea and trails on the slopes of the mountains, reaches the descent that leads to the town of Chiessi.
  • San Piero-Pietramurata-Moncione-San Piero. A ring itinerary in the south-western part of the island of Elba: nine kilometers of route to cover in six hours and with a difference in height of 314 meters. The starting point is the charming village of San Piero: from the center of this town you take the uphill stairs and here is the path that will lead the enthusiast to enjoy the view of some of the most beautiful views that the island can offer.
  • Pomonte-Marciana. Medium difficulty route (while the first three presented are relatively simple): 15.8 kilometers long with a difference in height of 610 meters, for a path made of paths between holm oaks and chestnut trees and mule tracks, where refuges are found “undergrowth” (stone shelters of shepherds). The point of greatest interest and of higher altitude is given by Monte Capanne.
  • Rio nell’Elba-The Benches-Monte Capannello-Monte Strega-Santa Caterina-Torre Giove-Rio nell’Elba. This seven-kilometer route with a vertical drop of 380 meters should be covered in about three to four hours. It starts from Rio nell’Elba, a mining village, and after passing through the castle of Volterraio (with a short detour) from the slopes of Monte Strega, you can admire both the west coast and the eastern coast of Elba island.
  • Rio nell’Elba-Rio nell’Elba. Circular path that begins and ends in the mining village of Rio nell’Elba, 12.8 kilometers long, medium difficulty, and with a vertical drop of 610 meters. The most interesting point of this itinerary is given by Cima del Monte and the panorama that from this point it is possible to admire.


Great Elban crossing

If you feel really fit and you like demanding challenges, we have the right suggestion for you: the Great Elba crossing. In total, this is 72 kilometers, to be covered in four stages, which will take you from the east coast to the west coast to coast.


The hermitages

If the great Elba crossing is very demanding, these routes are much more suggestive. Elba island is dotted with ancient hermitages, dating back to the period immediately following the fall of the Roman Empire. The paths that reach them are not particularly demanding: it is, more than anything else, pleasant walks in nature.


The Mount Capanne

Finally, we mention the possibility of arriving at the top of Mount Capanne on foot. Even in this case, it is not a particularly demanding route but you can admire one of the most beautiful views: the possibility of being able to embrace the whole Elba island with the look.


How to get

The hiking routes that we have suggested are all to try and discover. And to do so just book your ferry to Elba island. Ferry on which we suggest you to board a car, so you can easily reach the paths and bring with you everything you need for the excursion.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/robsettantasei

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