The treasure of Porto Azzuro: one of the most beautiful legends of Elba Island

porto azzurro treasure

Beaches of Porto Azzuro are some of the inestimable naturalistic treasures that Elba Island offers its visitors. But maybe there could be another treasure. A more “classic” treasure. In fact, the legend of the treasure of Porto Azzuro is one of the most characteristic of the island.

The legend says that Ferdinand IV king of Napoli wanted to secure his most precious objects and many and inestimable artworks. He putted all of them on a boat, thinking all of his things were secured. But Polluce (this is the name of the boat) sunk in Porto Azzurro.

Since that episode, many people tried to find the treasure. The stories were about the shipwrecked persons who talked about wonderful sank things,  exaggerating lies and desires. Many people attempted to found this treasure, but sea didn’t give back anything.

At least until now. Maybe the citizens of Porto Azzurro hope that their beloved sea can give back, at least, something of that inestimable treasure. A treasure that risks to remain a legend.


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