2017 edition of Tagliagambe: a hard race for bikers and runners

  • Published: 26-04-2017
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Tagliagambe Elba 2017

All begins when a group of friends decided to climb the Perone mountain by bike. Then, that simple idea became a real race, opened to runners and bikers. This challenge became the Tagliagambe: in Marciana Marina. It will take place, this year, the thirteenth edition.


The race

The race is scheduled for Sunday, June 11. To be precise:

  • At 18.00 for the runners:
  • At 18:10 for the bikers.

For both, the goal is always the same: reaching the peak of the Perone mountain. This challenge will put to the test: technique, resistance and determination. The route includes gradients of up to 13%: for this reason the race called “Tagliagambe”.


The Western Ring and more to see

Both you are the participants, both you want only watching, you could to spend some days on the Elba Island, like the tourists.

  • The Western Ring of the Elba Island is the coastal road that from Procchio, on the NorthWestern coast of Elba Island, up to Marina of Campo. Along this road, you will admire some of the most beautiful views that this island can offer to all its visitors. Marciana Marina is located not far from Procchio.
  • Starting from Marciana Marina, it’s possible to do some unforgettable excursions, like Capanne Mountain, the sanctuary of Madonna del Monte and the hermitage of San Cerbone.
  • Finally June is also sea and sun time. And the beaches don’t miss in Marciana Marina and surroundings:< Fenicia, the Sprizze and Crocetta are only some of them.


How to get

Marciana Marina, is located on the Northwestern coast of Elba Island. To reach starting from Portoferraio (a major port where dock the ferries to the island of Elba), you must:

  • Take the road 24 to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 following the signs to Marciana Marina.

The trip by car takes about 25 minutes.


More information

Further information on the 2017 edition of Tagliagambe in the Elba Island (how to participate, full path, any changes of dates and times), you can consult the official website of the event, Tagliagambe.net.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/helenasicily

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