Tagliagambe 2018 on Elba island: do you prefer biking or run?

  • Published: 7-05-2018
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Tagliagambe Elba 2018

There is a path of about nine kilometers that leads from Marciana Marina to Mount Perone. A terrifying ascent, from many points of view. Which, however, did not discourage, in 2005, a group of friends, who decided to try it. That was the very first edition of the Tagliagambe of Elba island. Event that, in 2018, will be held on 10 June.


Bike or run?

Do not be fooled by the apparently limited length: those nine kilometers are really challenging and are the heart of a race during which, more than with others, you will be competing with yourself. A race in which you can participate as runners or cyclists, depending on what is your favorite specialty.

The start for the runners is set at 9:45, while the cyclists will leave ten minutes later, at 9:55. Now in its fourteenth edition, as it has been for years before, even in 2018 the Tagliagambe will attract not only Italian athletes but also from Germany, England, Austria and other countries. All ready to try their hand at a truly challenging course.


Spring & sport

The Tagliagambe will not be the only one. Because there are still several other sporting events that will take place in spring on Elba island:

  • Capoliveri legend cup (May 13);
  • Elbatrail 2018 (May 20);
  • IronTour 2018 (from 26 to 30 May).

All events to which, if you want, you still have time to participate.

How to get

We advise you to book a ferry to Elba island that will take you to Portoferraio, and to embark a car, a motorbike or another vehicle. Once you reach the main town of the island, you must:

  • Take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 to Marciana Marina.

The journey by car takes just under half an hour.


More information

For more information on the 2018 edition of Tagliagambe on Elba island (complete program, complete itineraries, how to participate, eventual changes of dates), you can consult the official website of the event, Tagliagambe.net.

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