Spending Summer 2016 on Elba Island, Italy: 3 ideas for a pleasant holiday

Summer 2016 on Elba Island

Spending Summer 2016 on Elba Island is your desire for the next holiday. For you, only one thing matters: this vacation must be really, really unforgettable; and you must see the best places that this islands can offer.

The secret to enjoy this wonderful island? Choose the best town where to stay. Such as one of these three:


1. Portoferraio

  • It is the main town on Elba Island. It offers many things to see and to do: the old town centre, Medici fortresses, the Napoleon’s home, the Roman villa.
  • This is one the “two sides” of Portoferraio. The other, obviously, is the sea. In fact, near Portoferraio there are five of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island: spiaggia delle Ghiaie, spiaggia della Padulella, spiaggia di Capo Bianco, spiaggia di Sansone, spiaggia dell’Enfola.


2. Capoliveri

  • Even the beaches in Capoliveri, along the south coast, are recommended for a very relaxing holiday: the most beautiful are Lido di Capoliveri, Felciaio, Lacona, Naregno, Laconella and the romantic Innamorata.
  • Calamita mount is near Capoliveri. If you’re a hiker, this is the place for you.

(Side note: the main events that enliven the Summer on Elba take place in Portoferraio and in Capoliveri; remember this particular before choosing the destination.)


3. Porto Azzurro

It is on the east coast of the island (not far from Capoliveri) and is renowned for its beaches, such as Pianotta and Terranera.


Bonus: the Anello occidentale

It’s the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. And it’s a real succession of coves, small islands, picturesque villages and hills overlooking a wonderful sea. This is the so-called Anello occidentale (literally, “the western ring”), to discover day by day.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/andolfato

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