Summer 2015 on Elba Island? Six ideas for your holiday

Summer 2015 in Elba IslandSummer 2015 is upon us, it won’t take long until the much awaited vacation. And you are thinking about Elba Island as a destination for your holydays. Excellent choice. But have you decided what kind of holyday you’d like to experience?

If you’re still hesitant here you can find six ideas.

Beaches – Perhaps the main reason (but not the only one) why Elba Island is well known all over the world. The beaches to see would be many, all beautiful, none to ignore. If you want to get an idea of what to expect, you can take a look at this gallery with the 10 best beaches of Elba Island. Relaxation assured.

Sport – For you holiday is synonym for outdoor and sport. Elba Island has everything you need. Hiking, diving, snorkeling, biking, kite surfing, windsurfing, up to the most extreme sports such as free climbing and paragliding.

Events – There are many, very different and animate the summer: from festivals to folk festivals, from sporting events to beach parties and historical reconstructions, during summer Elba offers a rich calendar of events.

Excursions – A lush and unspoiled nature. Hills that rise on the sea, from their top you can embrace the whole Elba Island. Ancient hermitages arising in the middle of small forests. The hikes are part of another experience not to be missed.

Entertainment – Playgrounds, discos, pubs, wine bars. Summer beach parties are organized near the main towns of the island.

With children – Last, Elba Island is a recommended destination for those who want to spend the summer with family. There are several playgrounds designed for kids. The beaches suitable for children are in the vicinity of the main towns.

One last thing: have you decided where to stay on Elba Island for summer 2015? Again we have some ideas that really does for you.


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