Sun, relaxation and snorkeling: a day spent on Spartaia beach

Beaches of Elba Island: Spartaia

The origin of its name is the esparto, perennial grass that grows near some Mediterranean beaches. And typically Mediterranean is the beach of Spartaia, on Elba Island. The reasons to visit this place, of course, are several.


The beach

Why is Spartaia beach so renowned and famous among all vacationers who decide to have a holiday on the island of Elba? Well, it would be enough to say that sand is golden and fine, the beach is between two rock promontories, the sea in clear and transparent, the water is shallow for several meters. Do you really need any other reason?


A beach recommended for…

It’s easy to reach, on the beach there are all services you could wish for (such as umbrellas/sunbeds rental, snack bar, restaurants), and it’s sandy: for these characteristics, Spartaia beach is a perfect destination during a holiday with children.

Spartaia is recommend also for those who want to lay on a dram beach, enjoying the sun and the sea. And Spartaia is recommended to snorkel in a wonderful sea. There is only one little flaw: Spartaia is always very crowded during summer.


How to get there

Arrive at Spartaia beach is very easy. Take the county road from Procchio to Marciana Marina. When you are about 400 meters from Procchio, take a small paved road. At the end of this road, there is a pedestrian path to the sea.

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