Portoferraio, Elba Island: the relaxation of the San Giovanni spa

spa in Tuscany: Elba Island

Relaxing after a year of work and stress. To restore body and mind. How can you have all this? There is an idea that you will surely find interesting: enjoy all the relaxation and wellness that only the spa of Portoferraio, in Tuscany, can offer.


San Giovanni spa

The San Giovanni spa offers the visitor a whole series of treatments, from the most classic to the most modern: cures and spa treatments, medical spas, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, beauty and relaxation treatments.

Some of the main treatments of the San Giovanni spa use mud and seaweed. In particular, marine mud is used in the treatment of psoriasis, rheumatic diseases, acne and arthrosis. Algae and some specific marine plants are transformed into decoctions used in balneotherapy and as a completion of mud therapy.

Also the hydro massage of the San Giovanni spa is very appreciated: thalassotherapy (to which is added the beneficial effect of decoctions of algae and marine plants) is applied in slimming, anti-stress treatments, and in patients suffering from circulation disorders in thighs and legs.


How to get there

The treatments, although certainly effective and healthy, are not the only element that contributes to the wellness of the person. The place where the structure is located plays a very important role: the San Giovanni spa is located in the homonymous village, overlooking the sea, and surrounded by a fifteen hectares eucalyptus trees park. Where the person can really feel far away from the stress of everyday life.

To get to San Giovanni spa from the centre of Portoferraio, you just have to:

  • Take the county road 24 towards Procchio;
  • Take via Bivio Boni Cavo;
  • Follow the road signs to San Giovanni spa.

By car (that we recommend you to board on the ferry), the journey takes about ten minutes.



Since San Giovanni spa is really close to the main town of Elba Island, not visiting Portoferraio would be really a shame. In particular, we suggest you these two itineraries:


Further information

For further information about San Giovanni spa in Portoferraio (opening hours, prices, complete list of wellness treatments, promotions), please visit the official website, Termeisoladelba.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/hotelarthur

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