The 5 best spots for snorkeling during a holiday on Elba Island

snorkeling Elba Island

Seabeds that are rich in colours and life: it is no coincidence that diving is one of the many things to do on Elba Island. Immerse in a crystal-clear sea where you can see gorgonians, coral, moray eels, starfish. For those who do not want to take cylinders, mask and snorkel can be enough: you just have to know where are the best spots for snorkeling on Elba Island.

Just one thing: many of the snorkeling spots are the same for diving on Elba Island.

  • Capo Sant’Andrea. The first spot is capo Sant’Andrea and surroundings, in the eastern part of Elba, probably the best destination of the island for snorkeling. In particular, the homonymous bay offers a large “underwater prairies” of colourful posidonia.
  • Marciana Marina. Moving towards Marciana Marina, along the so-called Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba, there is a series of small coves where you can dive with mask and snorkel. Along this stretch of coast, there are also some famous spots such as the “natural pools” of Sant’Andrea, the rocks emerging from the sea known as the “formiche” of punta della Zanca, or the cliffs of Ogliera.
  • Gli scogli dell’Ogliera. Also these are also located in the Marciana Marina area. At the Ogliera rocks live a great amount of underwater species such as curls, lobsters, rock fish.
  • Punta Fetovaia. Moving towards the south coast, the snorkeler can choose between punta Fetovaia, with its red gorgonia (and where there is one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island) and the caves of capo Fonza.
  • Riserva marina delle Ghiaie-Capobianco-Scoglietto. Here the snorkeler can find spots such as the secche di Capobianco, and some beautiful beaches such as delle Ghiaie, Padulella and cala dei Frati. This is definitely one of the best areas of the island to dive with mask and snorkel.

Finally, two other tips: at picchi di Pablo you can admire the corals; during summer, at spiaggia dei Sassi neri di Capoliveri you can see the moonfishes. And, after booking your ferry, you can enjoy your desired vacation.


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