Sky trail Chiessi-Pomonte 2018: running between breathtaking sceneries

  • Published: 3-09-2018
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Sky trail Chiessi-Pomonte 2018

In the picture, you can see a panorama of the starting point of the race, or a small and picturesque village in the municipality of Marciana, on Elba island. It is from here, in fact, that all the participants of the 2018 edition of the Chiessi-Pomonte Sky trail will start running on Sunday, October 7th.


The sky trail

The sky trail is a particular category of skyrunning: the latter is a set of sports disciplines that take place in the mountains, including paths, mule tracks and moraines. Specifically, the sky trail is characterized by:

  • Maximum 10% of the route takes place on asphalt;
  • The minimum distance must be 15 kilometers;
  • You must not reach an altitude above 2 thousand meters s.l.m.


The Chiessi-Pomonte

The participants, then, will run for the mountains and paths that separate Chiessi and Pomonte. The race is 18 kilometers long and will wind through the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and breathtaking views of the sea: a must for all fans of this discipline.



Also for you holiday must always be synonymous with sporting activities, especially outdoors? Know, then, that Elba island is a real paradise for sport: the main ones are diving, hiking, snorkeling, mountain biking and kayaking. You just have to choose your favorite and leave.


…and not only

  • Costa del sole. Chiessi is located along the so-called Costa del sole. A very evocative name that this area has earned for the beauty and charm of the places. An area that we recommend you visit.
  • Elviscot. We speak of it separately because it is not a simple dive but an authentic adventure. Elviscot is an Italian cargo ship whose wreck lies on the seabed near Pomonte. Diving is not challenging but, unless you are inexperienced, always take a guide to accompany you.

How to get

Once you have booked the ferry trip to Portoferraio and boarded a car, to get to Chiessi you have to:

  • Take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 following the signs for Chiessi.

The journey by car takes about fifty minutes.


More information

For more information on the Chiessi-Pomonte 2018 Sky trail, please visit the official event fan page,


Image source: Di Wolfgang Sauber – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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