The Sentiero delle Farfalle, Elba island: an itinerary of surprising colors

sentiero farfalle

The Sentiero delle Farfalle (Trail of the butterflies), also known as the Sanctuary of the butterflies is a suggestive itinerary of about 2 kilometers between Perone mount and Maolo mount. The name of this itinerary comes from the floristic and faunistic prosperity that characterizes it. In particular, here you can find more than 50 species of butterflies, such as Zerinzia, Pieride di Mann, Pironia.

The itinerary, characterized by a great biodiversity, will let you walk through three zones.

  • The first is the pine grove, where the cool climate and the particular brilliance let it become the perfect refuge for many butterflies, especially during the hottest months.
  • Then there are the “pratelli del crinale”, herbaceous zones characterized by the presence of Elicrisio and Scotch broom.
  • Finally, walking uphill, the itinerary divides: on one side you reach the “colle de Le Calanche”, on the other you reach a Mediterranean maquis wood where you can find the larva of the beautiful Giasone.

This suggestive naturalistic itinerary of Elba Island lasts about 2 hours and it’s easy, so it is apt for everyone. A little curiosity: Sentiero delle Farfalle was created in 2009 in memory of the naturalist Ornella Casnati, author of numerous entomologic discoveries, who died prematurely.

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