The secrets of Elba Island: discovering ancient wrecks under the sea

Secret Elba Island: ancient wrecksElviscot is the most famous wreck of Elba Island, a suggestive location for all the divers. But Elviscot is not the only wreck that lies under the sea. Since ancient times, Elba Island has been an important point for commerce, thanks to its strategic position in the heart of Tyrrhenian Sea. The sea of Elba Island hides other ancient wrecks.

Over the years, several archeological finds have been found. Some of them are conserved in the museums of Elba Island. And there are other ancient wrecks on the bottom of the sea:

  • an Etruscan ship, dated 2600 years ago, near Enfola beach;
  • two ancient Roman ships, with their cargo of wine amphoras, sank near Sant’Andrea;
  • on the bottom of the sea near Chiessi lies the wreck of an ancient and big Roman ship that could carry up to 7 thousand amphoras;
  • another Roman ship, with its cargo of amphoras and sulfur, sank in the sea near Procchio.

On these ships, the ancient Roman and Greek navigators faced bad weather and placed their trust in gods. And, according to myth, also Argonauts, the legendary navigators, landed at spiaggia delle Ghiaie (one of the most beautiful Elba Island beaches) during the Golden Fleece quest.


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