Discovering the secrets of Elba Island: the Etruscans

The secrets of Elba Island: the EtruscansEtruscans, a mysterious and quiet people. They arrived in Elba Island after VII century BC and left several traces that represent one of the secrets of Elba.



Etruscans built their homes by clay. For this reason today there aren’t numerous evidence of these homes. But the Etruscan left to us their necropolis: in Portoferraio, Monte Castello close to Procchio, Volterraio, Castiglione di San Martino.


The fortress and the temple

On Saint Lucia Mountain there was a fortress, probably built by Etruscans. Instead, on Monte Serra, near Rio, there was a temple, dedicated to Tinia, the most important divinity for Etruscans.


The iron exploitation

The Etruscans used the precious iron in the subsoil of Elba Island. The mining sites are the evidence of their presence in the area, even if today these sites are difficult to see. Moreover there are unmistakable signs of deforestation on the Island: the wood was used by Etruscans for the melting.


The Elba Island is full of things to see and discover. Book now your ferry trip and leave alone or with family to discover the secrets of Island as the traces left by Etruscans on this beautiful land.


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