You still don’t know where to go to the seaside in August? There’s Elba Island

Where to go to the sea in august

Every year there’s the same problem: you want to go on holiday but you’re undecided about the destination to choose. You just only know two things: the holidays will be in August (doesn’t matter if it’s in the first or in the second half of the month) and you need to know where to go the seaside.

But not a common place. The sea must be unforgettable, you mustn’t regret the choice. This is why we suggest Elba Island. And, before booking the holiday, there’s a thing you should decide: what kind of beach do you like?


The most beautiful

You want the best. You’re looking for beaches that are unique, wonderful and suggestive. There are the ones that are considered the 10 most beautiful beaches in Elba Island: from Padulella to Capo Bianco, from Enfola to Sansone, for a holiday along an unforgettable coast.


The less known

You don’t like the crowd. It’s hard to pretend to be alone on the beaches of Elba Island in August, there are so many people that come here just for the beauty of the coast. But the isle can help you. These are the less known beaches in Elba Island: place like Ripa Barata, Cotoncello, Patrei. Where you can find calmness even during summer.


Equipped beaches

You want the maximum relax, so you want all of the services you can find on a beach. In this case, you should known that the equipped beaches are near the principal inhabited centers of Elba Island: Portoferraio, Capoliveri, Rio Marina, Porto Azzurro, Rio nell’Elba, Marciana, Marciana Marina and Campo nell’Elba.


Beaches for children

You are planning to go on holiday with your family. And you need all of the features that make a beach apt for children, like the sand, shallow water, an equipped beach and possibly a near parking. And in Elba Island there are some places like this, like Marina di Campo, Lacona, Biodola, Scaglieri.


Beaches for dogs

Knowing where to go to the sea in August means having the possibility to brig with you your beloved for-legged friend. Also in this case Elba Island is perfect for you: the main beaches for dogs are Mola, Fonza and Marciana Marina.

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