Scuba diving on Elba Island: 5 ideas only for real divers

Scuba diving on Elba Island

What do diving enthusiasts look for? It’s easy to say: sea bottom that are rich in life and colours. For you, a vacation that can offer this would be simply perfect. The destination is Elba Island. And these are the best dive sites.


1. Promontories

  • The first idea we suggest is the punta del Nasuto, near Marciana Marina harbour: on its seabed, there are rocky and sandy parts, and submarine fauna is particularly spectacular.
  • Not far from punta del Nasuto, punta della Madonna is suitable both for beginners and experienced divers.
  • Also punta della Zanca is suitable both for beginners and experienced divers: diving near the so-called “formiche” (cliffs rising from the sea) is very easy; the north part is much more challenging.
  • Punta Fetovaia, in the homonymous bay (where, among other things, there is one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba Island), will offer simply breathtaking submarine panoramas.


2. Shoals

Near Portoferraio, towards west, there are four easy-to-reach shoals:

  • Secca di Santa Lucia;
  • Secca dei Coravalli;
  • Secca del Semaforo;
  • Secca del Picco Giallo.

Moving towards west again, there are secca della Torre, secca della Cala and secca di Mortigliano. In the south part of the island, there is the secca di Fetovaia.


3. Rocks

Scoglietto di Portoferraio dive site can be divided into two parts.

  • The Grottoni is a wall located 24 meters deep where there are several caves.
  • The Franata is very easy and suitable for beginners.

Between Marciana Marina and Portoferraio there is the scoglio della Nave, at capo Enfola. The Scoglio Fino is located in the west part of the island.


4. Wreck diving

Only for experienced divers, in the sea of Elba Island there are several wrecks to discover with a scuba set.

  • In the waters near Pomonte, there is the wreck of Elviscot, a merchant ship;
  • About a mile from the Scoglietto di Portoferraio, on the sea bed, lies the so-called relitto sconosciuto (unknown wreck);
  • The wreck of the FR70 sank about eight miles off the west coast of Elba, and is perfectly preserved;
  • The Santa Rita wreck, 14 miles south of the southern coast, is a 5200 tonnes merchant ship.


5. Ancient Roman wrecks

The subjects are again the wrecks, but, this time, much ancient. Because, in the waters of Elba Island, there are also six Roman wrecks. To be precise:

  • Relitti di Sant’Andrea;
  • Relitto del Nasuto;
  • Relitto di Chiessi;
  • Relitto di Procchio;
  • Relitto di Punta Cera.


These dive sites can satisfy any diver. Now you just have to book your ferry to Elba Island.


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