Marciana Marina, Elba: fireworks and music during Santa Chiara feast 2015

  • Published: 1-07-2015
  • Category: Events

Santa chiara feast elba 2015

It is one of the most awaited moment of the year. And, for its suggestions and its peculiarities, it always attracts scores of tourists, that reach Elba Island and Marciana Marina specifically for it. The event we are talking about is Santa Chiara feast elba 2015, that will take place on August 12.

The feast of Santa Chiara begins at sunset. When on the Regina Margherita promenade, all the way down to the port where is the ancient tower, hundreds of torches are turned on. In this evocative atmosphere, people await the stroke of midnight.

At the same time, in the church of Santa Chiara (built in 1776), Holy Mass is celebrated. A long procession begins after the Mass, starting from the church, carrying the statue of Santa Chiara along the whole waterfront lit by torches and candles.

And now there is the most important moment of Santa Chiara feast 2015: the fireworks on the sea accompanied by music. This is a very unique show.

For more information about Santa Chiara feast 2015 (how to get there, where to stay), you can visit the official website of the Municipality of Marciana Marina,


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