San Giacomo feast Porto Azzurro 2015: a tribute to fishermen

  • Published: 9-06-2015
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San giacomo feast porto azzurro 2015

Almost all of the places in Elba Island are bounded to the sea, but in the case of Porto Azzurro, the bound with the waves is even more special. A bound that is reminded and celebrated every year during the San Giacomo feast, which will be held on July 25 even in 2015.

The program of San Giacomo fest 2015:

  • From 18:30. The scent of the fisheries will be smelled in the streets. This will be the start of the feast.
  • From 19:00. The photographic exhibition “The sea and its people” will be inaugurated: it’s a tribute and a historical representation of Porto Azzurro.
  • From 21:00. There will be a sea-procession with rowboats that will accompany the statue of the Saint: this old ritual is made by figures in costume.
  • Once the statue of the Saint arrives, there will be a procession that will end at the church which is dedicated to San Giacomo.
  • From 21:30. Here starts the party on the Porto Azzurro’s streets, with stalls, music, exhibitions, and tastings of typical dishes.

If you want more information about 2015 edition of San Giacomo feast (like the complete timetable or any change of dates), you can visit the official site of the Porto Azzurro’s municipality,


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