A romantic vacation to Elba Island, Italy: 5 ideas for a lovely trip

romantic vacation Italy: Elba Island

The first occasion that comes to your mind is Saint Valentine’s Day. But even summer and autumn are good moments to spend a romantic vacation with your better half to Italy. And, since you’d like to choose Elba Island as destination of this trip, we have 5 ideas for you.


1. Spiaggia dell’Innamorata

Literally, the name means “beach of the enamored woman”. The Innamorata is one of the most romantic (and beautiful) beaches of Elba Island. Romantic just like the poignant love story at the origin of the name. To see especially at sunset, when the sun sinks below the horizon and the beach is tinged with a pale vermilion color.


2. Panoramas

This idea is recommended for those who want to spend a romantic vacation on two wheels of a motorcycle. The Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Where you can admire some breathtaking views: the island of Paolina, Poggio, Chiessi, the gulf of Fetovaia.


3. Portoferraio old town centre

Narrow streets where time seems to have stopped. Dimly lit streets at night. The nearby sea that accompany you with the sweet song of the sea undertow. Small and cozy restaurants where you can have a romantic candlelight dinner. This is the old town centre of Portoferraio. To discover walking hand in hand.


4. Spa

Near Portoferraio, there is a place dedicated solely to total relaxation. It’s San Giovanni spa. Some of the major treatments use seaweed and sea mud. To spend a few days in good company and restore the spirit and the body.


5. Coves

This idea is recommended for a romantic vacation to Elba Island in summer, but it could surprise you even in winter. Spiaggia delle Tombe in Marina di Campo, spiaggia di Remaiolo in Capoliveri and spiaggia Stagnone in Capoliveri are precious, beautiful and uncrowded beaches.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/infomastern

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