Elba Island 2018: The Malteni Family dedicates a tribute to Rino Gaetano

  • Published: 28-06-2018
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Rino Gaetano tribute 2018 Elba

August 20 will be the turn of De André Day 2018. First, Elba island dedicates another tribute to an equally great singer-songwriter who has made, with his touching, ironic and denouncing songs, the history of Italian music: on 31st July 2018, in Marciana Marina, there will be a tribute to Rino Gaetano, 40 years of Nuntereggae più.


The Malteni Family

The Malteni family is an ensemble of nine musicians who share a great passion for the songs of Rino Gaetano. On the occasion of this tribute, in Vittorio Emanuele square, the songs will be presented again in a faithful version of the original, rigorous in the arrangements, in the colors, in the clothes, in the instrumentation, in the approach with the public. To relive the brief but intense musical career of this artist.

The most beautiful songs by Rino Gaetano

Just as in the case of De André, even for Rino Gaetano it is not possible to draw up a ranking of his most beautiful songs without the risk, inevitably, of leaving out some masterpiece. However, July 31st tribute will surely be an opportunity to listen to some of his most famous songs. Like these:

Even if you are not a fan, you surely know many of these songs.


How to get

Starting from Portoferraio, just take the provincial road 24 to Procchio and then the provincial road 25 following the signs for Marciana Marina. In all, the trip by car (car that you can embark on the ferry) will take you about half an hour.

As an alternative to the car or, in general, to your own vehicle, you can also choose to move on Elba island using the efficient bus service.


More information

For more information on the tribute that the Malteni Family will give to Rino Gaetano, please refer to the official Malteni Family fan page, Facebook.com/LAFAMIGLIAMALTENI, or to the Marciana Marina Pro loco fan page, Facebook.com/prolocommarina.


Image source: Di ignoto – Rino Gaetano, Corriere.it, luglio 2010., Pubblico dominio, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4161039

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