Holidays on Elba Island, Tuscany: 3 things to do for a complete relaxation

relaxing holidays in Tuscany: Elba Island

It’s always the right time to enjoy a relaxing holiday. To stay away, for a few days, from the daily routine, from stress and commitments. There is a destination, in Tuscany, that can guarantee all the tranquillity you need: it’s Elba Island. And below you will find the three things to do.


1. Enjoy the spa

For you (and not just for you), relaxation must necessarily be synonymous with spas. And soon your mind begins to imagine massages, wellness treatments, whirlpools, waters with beneficial properties, all surrounded by unspoiled nature that offers maximum tranquillity.

Well, this is exactly what the San Giovanni spa will offer you in Portoferraio: a whole series of treatments, from the most modern to the most classic, many of which use mud and seaweed. A few days here and, when returning home, you will feel like a new person.


2. See the most beautiful beaches

Elba Island is immediately associated with the sea. Nothing strange, since there are authentic naturalistic jewels set in its coast. This relaxing holiday could be dedicated to seeing the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island, such as, just for example, delle Ghiaie and Enfola.

In front of you, will appear small paradises that seem in balance between the blue sea and the green of the Mediterranean scrub. Paradises that should be seen in spring and autumn, when there is still no tourist crowd and you will feel the sensation that these places are there just waiting for you.


3. Hiking and excursions

A mountain from the top of which you can see the whole island. Ancient hermitages hidden by woods. Small islands easily reachable by taking part in a boat excursion. Villages perched on the hills or overlooking breathtaking views. These are just some of the most beautiful excursions on Elba Island. And also for this idea we suggest you to spend your holiday in spring or in autumn.


Here you have the three things to do to enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday on Elba Island. Vacation that will officially begin once you have booked the ferry trip to Elba.


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