Radio stop festival 2018 edition: “Amici” on Elba island

  • Published: 2-07-2018
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Radio stop festival 2018 Amici

In the picture, you can admire a view of Porto Azzurro. That, on July 24th, will give you the opportunity to spend an evening of music and entertainment. In fact, this is the day on which, in Matteotti square, the Elba stage of the Radio stop festival 2018 will be held.


Music & Friends

They will be the two protagonists of the Elba stage of the Radio stop festival 2018. It will be possible to listen to the songs of famous protagonists of Italian music. And at the same time several participants of “Amici” show will also go on stage.


How to get

Porto Azzurro is located at a short distance from Rio Marina, one of the ports where ferries for Elba island dock. To get there just take the provincial road 26 and follow the signs to Porto Azzurro, the journey by car (which you can embark on the ferry) takes just twenty minutes.

If you have chosen to stay somewhere near Portoferraio, the largest town on the island, even in this case just take the provincial road 26 and follow the signs to Porto Azzurro, only in this case the trip takes half an hour about.

If you do not want to board the car on the ferry, you can always use the bus service.


Not just music

On 24 July, the Radio stop festival could be an opportunity to spend a day in one of the most famous and renowned tourist resorts of the island.

  • You could spend the first part of the day visiting Porto Azzurro and admiring places like Forte Longone, Carmignani promenade and Monserrato pine;
  • The afternoon, however, will be entirely dedicated to relaxation on one of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Azzurro, such as Pianotta and Terranera.


More information

Radio stop festival is a sort of traveling event that involves more places in Tuscany. For more information on the Porto Azzurro stop (complete program, how to participate, eventual date changes), you can consult the official website of the event,

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