Punta della Contessa beach: one of the most precious pearl of Elba Island

punta contessa beach

It’s one of the most particular pearl that the coast can offer to its visitors. And it’s one of the less known beaches in Elba Island. If you’ll spend your holiday near Capoliveri, here there’s one place that you will surely appreciate: take some time to spend visiting Punta della Contessa beach.


The beach

As said before, this is one of the most particular beach in Elba island. In fact, Punta della Contessa has a special V form: its promontories push out to the sea and the base is this small beach (just 35 meters long) of dark gravel.


Who should go

Punta della Confessa forms a sort of “sitting room” that on calm days give unique atmospheres. While its two rocky promontories will make happy every snorkeling lover. Moreover, near the beach there are some military buildings that hail from the Second world war, placed there to protect Lacona beach, where there was a hard battle on 17th June 1944.

Because of its characteristics and the total absence of services, Punta della Contessa it’s not indicated for a holiday with children (unless you visit it via boat).


How to reach it

The starting point to reach Punta della Contessa it’s the near Laconella beach. On the right, looking to the sea, you’ll see a little but steep and curvy path. This trail goes high up the promontory and then descend again along the shore, passing through some ancient military buildings.

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