Portoferraio: 3 good reasons to visit the weekly market

Portoferraio weekly market

In this photo, you can see Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon’s house in Portoferraio. All around the villa, there are the streets and squares of the old town centre of the main town on Elba. Here, each Friday, the weekly market of Portoferraio is held. And the reasons to visit it are several.


1. The typical dishes

During a vacation, some visitors prefer to taste the typical dishes of the island (such as stoccafisso alla riese, gurguglione, cacciucco) in one of the several restaurants. Other visitors, instead, like to cook these dishes.

Well, in the weekly market of Portoferraio you can find all the ingredients you may need. You just have to try.


2. The typical products

The beauty of the island is not only represented by coasts, sea, monuments and villages. Because olive oil, honey, mushrooms and chestnuts are four of the most precious treasures that the island can offer you.

In other words, the typical products of the island. You can find them in the weekly market of Portoferraio. You’ll take home an authentic piece of the island. In addition, they’re great ideas for souvenirs and presents.


3. The night market

In summer, usually, we can say that the market of Portoferraio “gives an encore”. In fact, in summer is held even the night market, that will make a stroll along the streets of the old town centre more special. The dates and opening times of Portoferraio evening market are different from year to year and has become a very anticipated event.


For further information about the weekly market of Portoferraio, you can visit the official website of Portoferraio municipality, Comune.portoferraio.li.it.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/m_krema

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