The 7 most beautiful places to see in Porto Azzurro: beaches, forts, sanctuaries

Porto Azzurro what to see

It is located on the eastern coast of Elba and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of this island. As you surely know, since you you’re planning to visit it. For this reason, you need to know what to see in Porto Azzurro.

These are the seven most beautiful places.

  1. Piazza Matteotti. This square can be considered the “heart” of Porto Azzurro. It is one of the most beautiful square of Elba Island, famous for shopping and for the opportunity to make romantic walks. Especially in summer, several events take place here.
  2. Forte Longone. It is located on a promontory overlooking the bay. Imposing and austere, Forte Longone is an ancient fortress now used as a prison. The reason to get to its entrance is obvious: the spectacular view of the sea.
  3. Passeggiata Carmignani. From the promenade of Porto Azzurro, the passeggiata Carmignani is about one kilometre long and is perfectly illuminated. Especially at sunset, it is the ideal place for pleasant strolls. After just twenty minutes, you will reach the famous beach of Barbarossa.
  4. The beaches. Barbarossa, very lively during the day and exquisitely romantic in the evening, is one of six most beautiful beaches of Porto Azzurro. If you want to relax and enjoy the shores and a fabulous sea, there are also Spiaggia reale, Pianotta, Terranera and la Rossa.
  5. The pino di Monserrato. It is a four hundred years old pine: eighteen meters high, it is among the largest and oldest pines in Tuscany.
  6. Santuario della Madonna di Monserrato. From pine begins the path that leads to the sanctuary of Madonna di Monserrato: it was built in 1606 by the Spanish governor Pons y Léon.
  7. Forte Focardo. It is in the territory of the municipality of Capoliveri, but it is easy to reach from Porto Azzurro: a starry square plan, with four corner bastions and two small bastions, it is located in a strategic position on a promontory.

And now that you know what to see in Porto Azzurro, you can begin to plan your holiday on Elba Island: have you booked the ferry trip?


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