Wrecks, beaches and medieval villages: Pomonte, a trip to Elba Island

Pomonte Elba IslandBeaches, surely, but not only. During a holiday on Elba Island, Pomonte is one of the places to visit. A place where you can see an ancient medieval village, some important religious buildings and, for divers, a wreak sunk near the coast.

Pedemonte – An ancient medieval village. The ruins if the village are in La Terra, a locality near the town of Pomonte. The village was built on the side if a little hill. The houses of the village had slate roofs.

Chiesa di Santa Lucia e oratorio di Santa Filomena – A church and an oratory. The church of Santa Lucia was built in 1913, on a pre-existing vineyard. The oratory was built in XIX Century, on the seafront of Pedemonte (it’s a private property).

Elviscot – It’s the most famous wreck of Elba Island. In front of the locality of Pomonte, from the sea rises the Scoglio dell’Ogliera, a rock. Near Scoglio dell’Ogliera, on January 10, 1972, it was storming during night. Due to this storm, Elviscot sank with its wood load. The wreck of the Elviscot is 12-13 meters under the sea level. And it’s a scuba diving recommended only for the most experienced divers.

The beach – Such as the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island, also the beach of Pomonte is very little. And it’s one of the main attractions of this locality: it alternates sand and stone parts, and it’s reachable from the main square of the town.

These are the things to see in Pomonte, on Elba Island. A little town that will enchant you with snug atmosphere, simply way of life, peace and quiet.


Image source: it.wikipedia.org

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