Between relaxation and snorkeling: it’s Peducelli beach, on Elba Island

peducelli beach

Discovering the less known beaches of Elba island is your little desire during your next holiday in this destination. And if you’re near Capoliveri, we suggest you one: it’s Peducelli beach.


The beach

You can see it in the picture. The small beach, which is about 100 meters long, it’s made of sand and gravel, mixed with rocks. The beach is protected by two rocky spurs where the Mediterranean scrub grows. It’s not rare to see small boats docked there to protect them from the coastal storm.


Who should go

This beach is recommended for the ones who want to spend some hours totally immersed in the nature. There are rocks (and obviously a wonderful sea) that characterize this piece of coast, so the Peducelli beach is recommended for snorkeling.

But it’s not so easy to reach, there are not so many car parks and there are noservices available: consider these aspects if you’re going to spend a holiday in Elba Island with your family.


How to reach it

The Madonna delle Grazie sanctuary is one of the most beautiful hermitages in Elba island and it’s near Capoliveri. Just before arriving at the sanctuary, you’ll notice a little unpaved road. Take it and then turn left, to the sea. From here, take the pedestrian path that takes to Peducelli beach.

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