Path of the perfumes Elba island 2018: 3 occasions for a wonderful excursion

  • Published: 6-08-2018
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Path of the perfumes Elba island 2018

There are many paths that cross Elba island. But only one will be able to make you feel the many essences that permeate the air of Elba island in the summer. The path we are talking about has a suggestive name: the Path of perfumes. And during this summer, in the month of August, you will have three opportunities to travel with an expert guide.


The path

Path number 12 is one of the very first perfume trails set up in Italy. After having remained for a long time in the most complete neglect, his recovery began and culminated in 2016 with the official reopening. The arrows were also repositioned. The Elba Perfume Trail is a circular route that runs along the hills of the south-eastern area of ​​Marciana Marina. From San Giovanni, go up the hill of the Zolfale, arrive under Lavacchio and then descend to the Orzaio. A path immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.



In August, there will be three events that will allow you to walk along this path in the company of an expert guide:

  • 12th August;
  • 19th August;
  • 26th

In all three cases (it is always a Sunday), the walk along the Path of perfumes will start from the information office of Marciana Marina.


How to get

Have you booked a place on one of the ferries to Elba island and boarded a car? From Portoferraio, the main tourist port of the island, you have to take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio and then the provincial road 25 up to Marciana Marina. The journey by car takes just under half an hour.


The western ring of Elba island

There is also another good reason to board a car on the ferry to the Elba island. From Procchio (you will pass to Marciana Marina), the so-called Western Ring of the island of Elba begins: it is a beautiful coastal road that will let you discover enchanting views of the sea and picturesque villages.


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