Passeggiata da Sant’Andrea a la Cala: the magic of Elba Island in September

  • Published: 11-09-2017
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Passeggiata da Sant'Andrea a La Cala 2017

Here’s the point: magic is just the right word. The best way to define Elba Island in September: a destination that still has a lot to offer for a pleasant short holiday. There is a way to be, literally, immersed in this magic: take part in the walk from Sant’Andrea to la Cala, on September 24th, 2017.

  • Marciana. It is the starting point of the walk, as well as one of the oldest historical towns on the island. Marciana rises on the hills of the western part of Elba Island. From here, among the other things to do, it is possible to reach the top of Monte Capanne. Another great idea is to get to Procchio (which is near), where the famous Anello occidentale dell’isola d’Elba begins.
  • The walk. The walk is from Sant’Andrea, a seaside hamlet located in the territory of Marciana municipality, to la Cala, in Marciana Marina, a small and enchanting beach. During the journey, the visitor will discover Mediterranean scrub, vineyards, green hills, and the unforgettable views of the sea that only Elba Island can offer, even in September.
  • How to get there. From Portoferraio, one of the main ports for the ferries to Elba Island, to get to Marciana you have to: take the county road 24 to Procchio; from Procchio, take the county road 25 and follow the road signs to Marciana. The journey by car takes about fifty minutes.


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