Ottone beach: where the nature meets the story of Elba Island

beaches of Elba Island: Ottone

Portoferraio is the destination of your next holiday on Elba Island. It’s a renowned and famous town, among the other reasons, for its wonderful beaches. And in the Gulf of Portoferraio there is a special one, where the beauty of nature meets the fascination of history: it’s the beach of Ottone (literally, “brass beach”).


The beach

It’s a small beach, about 340 meters long, made of gravel and sand. To have an idea of how is the sea of the place that you will visit, give a look to the photo above. In addition to this, it’s a beach protected from winds.

And here, the beauty of nature meets the fascination of history. All that you have to do is look up and you will see Portoferraio old town centre, with its Medici fortresses. While the elegant and Nineteenth-century Villa dell’Ottone overlooks the beach.


A beach recommended for…

This is the panorama that you can admire from the beach. And Ottone is never crowded, even during high season. In other words, this is a perfect beach if you want to spend a very, very relaxing day. The beach is not easy to reach and the available services are few: for this reasons, maybe it’s not a good choice during a holiday with children.


How to get there

As already said, the beach of Ottone is in the gulf of Portoferraio. To get there, take the county road to Bagnaia. Near Villa Ottone hotel, a dirt road that goes down and arrives to the sea.

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