One week on the island of Elba: beaches, fortresses and breathtaking views

One week on the island of Elba

Summer means holiday. And even sea, sun, beaches, parks, places to see, sports and things to do. Are you planning to visit this well-known destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea? Here’s a travel itinerary for you to spend a great week on the island of Elba.


Day one

Our advice is to start your week at the Elba from Portoferraio (where it would be preferable to get an hotel). The first part of your holiday will be completely dedicated to relax on the beach of the Gravels, one of the most beautiful on the island. In the afternoon, however, you will spend your time visiting the Medici fortresses.


Day two

Remaining in the main village of the Elba, you will get to the Friars bay, a rarely visited but wonderful beach, ideal for a few hours of healthy and total relaxation. The second part of the day will be dedicated to visiting the city center of Portoferraio, probably the most fascinating part of the whole town.


Day three

Another day in Portoferraio, where you absolutely must see the Samsonian beach. It’s exactly in this town that Napoleon lived during his exile: therefore, Portoferraio it’s an excellent starting point for tracing the footsteps of the first French emperor.


Day four

Even fun must have its part during a week in Elba. If you’re happy with it, we recommend you to spend day four in one of the several amusement park of the island of Elba, available for all tastes and for all ages.


Day five

The mining park of Rio Marina is waiting for you: a series of open-air mines placed in a vast area of the island. In the museum you can even admire over ninety different species of crystals.


Day 6

Porto Azzurro, one of the most famous tourist resorts in Elba, it’s placed on the eastern coast of the island. One day is enough to see its most beautiful places, such as Piazza Matteotti, Strong Longone and Barbarossa Beach.


Day seven

The so-called Western Ring of the Elbe Island is the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Even if call it simply “road” is reductive. That’s because, in about forty kilometers, all along the provincial road 25, you can admire some of the most beautiful views that the island of Elba can offer to all its visitors.


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