One day trip to Elba: five ideas for your holidays

one day trip to ElbaYou have only 24 hours to visit this beautiful island. It’s a short time, you know. And you don’t want to waste your time during this holiday. Here you have five ideas for a one day trip to Elba Island.



It’s the main town of Elba Island. And there are a lot of things to visit: the old town centre, Napoleon’s home, Fortezze medicee (a complex of fortresses). And near Portoferraio there are some of the most beautiful Elba beaches, such as spiaggia di Sansone, Padulella, spiaggia di Forno, Cala dei frati, Spiaggia delle ghiaie.


Anello occidentale

It’s the coastal road from Procchio to Marina di Campo. The places you will see are isolotto della Paolina (a little and amazing island), Monte Capanne (the highest peak of Elba Island), Marciana Marina, Fortezza pisana (an ancient fortress), Chiessi.


Holiday with family

One day trip to Elba with the whole family? Elba Island offers everything you can desire for a holiday with your children. Elba’s best beaches for kids are Marina di Campo, Biodola, Scaglieri, Spiaggia delle Ghiaie, Lacona. And, both for children and adults, there are several funfairs: Isola dei pirati (Campo nell’Elba), Arcobaleno (Campo nell’Elba), Amadeus (Porto Azzurro), Duna park (Capoliveri).



Would you like a one day trip dedicated to your favorite sport? Therefore, Elba Island is the right place for you: here you can go trekking, running, free climbing, diving.


For fun-loving persons

Elba Island is the place for fun-loving people. Club 64 and Decò are the two most famous discotheques. In addition to this, in the old town centre of Portoferraio there are pubs, restaurants, wine bars.


Chosen your one day trip to Elba? Therefore the only thing you have to do is book an Elba ferry ticket.


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