Notte azzurra 2015: music and shows in the hearth of Porto Azzurro

  • Published: 23-07-2015
  • Category: Events

notte azzurra 2015 elba island porto azzurro

Elba Island is the destination of your summer holiday. And, between a beach and an excursion, you’d like an event with music, shows and delicious dishes to eat. An event like this exists: it’s Notte azzurra 2015, that will take place on August 20th in Porto Azzurro.

Notte azzurra 2015 is an event made for young and old people and that will last until the morning lights. The program consists in music, shows, entertainment for children. Moreover there will be stands where you can taste the gastronomic specialties of the island.

This event starts at 8 PM. What to do until that time? We have some suggestions  for you:

  • you can spend the first part of the day on one of the most beautiful beaches of Porto Azzurro
  • this is a great place where you can taste the typical dishes of Elba Island
  • and, just before the start of Notte azzurra 2015, it’s suggested to have a stroll along the pleasant Carmignani walk

If you need more information about Notte azzurra 2015 (full program, times and dates changes), you can visit the official website of the municipality of Porto Azzurro, Now you just have one thing to do: book your ferry trip to Elba Island.


Image source: “Elba – Porto Azzurro – Piazza am Hafen” di Wolfgang Sauber – Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons

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