Ferries to Elba island: is it possible to travel at night?

Night ferries to Elba island

This is an eventuality to which many think, so as to be sure not to miss even one day of the much desired vacation on this beautiful island. A possibility that you too are considering. So do you want to know if there are any night ferries to Elba island?



In principle, ferries to Elba island never leave at night. On average, the first departure is scheduled around 5:30 am, while the last one is scheduled around 10:30 pm. These times, although there may be variations between high and low season, are still very indicative.

This thing, however, will not be a problem for your holiday. And this for two main reasons:

  • First of all, the ferry crossing to Elba island takes about an hour, a very minimal time that will not give you any kind of problem in organizing your holiday;
  • In addition, the ferries arrive in some of the main population centers of the island, such as Portoferraio and Rio Marina, and therefore you will take very little, once landed, to arrive at the hotel.


Here on your left you have our online booking system. You only have to enter the route, the number and age of passengers, the date of the outward journey, the date of the return journey, if you wish to board a vehicle on the ferry. At this point, the system will return a page in which you can not only consult all the departure and arrival times but also all the prices offered by the different companies, so you can always travel at the most convenient cost.


Ideas for the holiday

We have provided you with “practical” information. Now it’s time to think about the real vacation on your own. To give you an idea of ​​how much Elba island is wonderful, we can show you where to find:


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mariejirousek

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