On foot to the top of Mount Capanne: discovering an unforgettable panorama

Mount Capanne on foot

Hiking on Elba island is one of the great attractions of this tourist destination, with paths to immerse yourself in its nature and its landscapes. And even if you are not really an enthusiast of this sport, during a holiday on Elba you can still try to climb up to the top of Mount Capanne on foot.


The mount

Mount Capanne is the highest peak on Elba island. It is composed mainly of large blocks of granite. And this feature makes it unique, as it gives it the appearance of tops that are at higher altitudes. During the ascent, you will also have the opportunity to admire the endemic flora and fauna of the place.


The path

To get to the top of Mount Capanne, we start from the inhabited area of ​​Marciana, one of the highest villages on Elba island, as well as among the oldest. From here, take the path that leads to the hermitage of San Cerbone, which dates back to the fifteenth century and is really worth a visit.

Leaving behind the hermitage of San Cerbone you will notice that the landscape will begin to change, the chestnut trees will give way to the holm oaks and other shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub. After having moved on granite steps often covered with moss, and after having wandered old riverbeds, you will reach a plateau with an old construction: from here you can embrace the whole Elba island.

In all, the route is almost 16 kilometers long and is not very demanding. Obviously, during the journey the normal rules of behavior apply to prudence and common sense. It’s better to have clothing that suits the situation (comfortable clothes and hiking shoes), be wearing a hat and sunglasses, and have some water to drink with. If you do not feel particularly confident, ask an expert guide.


The Sentiero 00

There is also another way to get to the top of Mount Capanne and it is the “via ferrata”, also known as Sentiero 00: it is about two kilometers long and, passing through the ridges from Mount Capanne, it goes from the summit of Calanche to Galera. The via ferrata is however recommended for excursions with a minimum of experience.


The cableway

This is definitely the most comfortable way to get to the top. The cableway of Mount Capanne can be taken in the locality of Pozzarello, not far from the town of Marciana. It will take you to the top in just under twenty minutes.


The view

As already said, from the top of Mount Capanne you can embrace the whole island with your gaze. But not only: on clear days, your gaze can wander to the islands near Elba, to Corsica and to the coast of Tuscany.


Getting to Marciana

Starting from Portoferraio (the main port for the ferries to Elba Island), to get to Marciana you have to:

  • Take the provincial road 24 up to Procchio;
  • From Procchio, take the provincial road 25 following the signs for Marciana.

The journey by car takes around forty minutes.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/mrbeany

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