The 10 most beautiful places to see during a holiday on Elba Island

the most beautiful places on Elba Island

A week on Elba Island is the holiday you’re going to spend. And, obviously, you want to see the most beautiful places on this island. Well, we can give you the information you need: thanks to this itinerary, in fact, you will discover the ten most unforgettable places that you can find here.


1. Medici fortresses in Portoferraio

A complex of bastions and fortifications whose purpose was to protect the main town on the island. Forte Falcone, Forte Stella and the Torre Linguella are the core of the Medici fortresses in Portoferraio, which today narrate the ancient history of the island. It will be like a journey back in time.


2. Delle Ghiaie beach

Tranquillity, sun, sea and relaxation. Sea beds that will delight every diver. A small smooth white pebble beach, near Portoferraio. Completely immersed in a wildlife protection area which extends for about one mile. After all, we are talking about one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.


3. Capoliveri

The second town on the island (after Portoferraio). Capoliveri has much to offer to all its visitors, both in terms of historical and cultural attractions (forte Focardo, Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie, apsis of San Michele) and naturalistic attractions (Innamorata, Lacona, Naregno and Margidore are some of the best beaches near Capoliveri).


4. Isola Paolina

The name comes from the sister of Napoleone Bonaparte, Pauline Bonaparte. She loved to sit on this small beach in front of the islet. Isola Paolina, which is located near Procchio, on the west coast of the island, can be reached by swimming.


5. Mineral park of Rio Marina

A complex of open pit mines in a wide area of the island, where the works of nature and men meet. The landscape of the Mineral park of Rio Marina is “lunar” and evocative at the same time.


6. Padulella beach

Also in Portoferraio, there is another one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Padulella is a white sand beach, surrounded by two rocky white small promontories, topped with vegetation. Colour that highlights the enhances of the water.


7. Capanne Mount

Large granite blocks mountain, from the top it, ir is possible to see the whole island: a breathtaking view. Capanne Mount is reachable by foot from the town of Marciana.


8. Sansone beach

Not crowded and quiet, it is a three-hundred-meters-long half-moon made of small white pebbles, with dark cliffs overlooking the sea. It is located near Portoferraio. Throughout Elba Island (and not only), it is difficult to find a more clear sea.


9. Porto Azzurro

The marina in this small town on the east coast of Elba is where you can enjoy a walk in a special atmosphere. To see there’s so much, from Carmignani walk to some lovely beaches.


10. I Mostri di Pietra

Literally, “stone monsters”. This is the name of one of the most peculiar attractions of the whole island. The Mostri di Pietra are natural stone outcrops, some of them are ten meters high, and each of which has a name that comes from its particular form.


To see the ten most beautiful places of the island, you will also need to move along the streets and the coasts. And, from this point of view, the advice is to take a car, a camper or a motorcycle on the ferry to Elba Island.


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