Miniera in trail 2015: running through lunar and suggestive places

  • Published: 6-08-2015
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miniera trail 2015

Water, air, earth and fire are the four elements of life. And there’s an event, suggested for all the running lovers, that will let you connect to this elements: it’s the Miniera in Trail 2015, that will be held in Rio Marina on 6th September.


The event

Miniera in Trail 2015 consists in three different challenges:

  • The competitive challenge (in two versions, one 27km and one 14km long, so that every sportsman can do it)
  • The non-competitive challenge (14km)
  • The fitness Nordic walking walk (14km)

The start of the event will be at 10.30 AM, from Terrazza degli Spiazzi. The route will let you see contrasting places: from panoramas that overlook the sea to the slopes of Fico mount, from the lunar places of the ancient (and now disused) mines of Rio Marina to the small lake of Rio Albano.


Once you’re there

The Miniera in trail 2015, as said before, will be held on 6th September. And Elba island on September still has the perfect weather for a holiday: temperatures are mild, beaches are not so crowded and the island, in general, is more quiet compared with July and August.


More information

For further information about the 2015 edition of Miniera in trail in Rio Marina (how to participate, price, eventually changes of dates or routes), you can visit the official website of the event,


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