Miniera in trail 2016: in Rio Marina to run between beaches and ancient mines

  • Published: 19-09-2016
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Miniera in trail 2016


In summer, Rio Marina is the ideal destination for those who want a holiday dedicated only to sun, beaches and relaxation. In autumn, it becomes a great destination for running enthusiasts. Especially on October 23rd, when the 2016 edition of Miniera in trail will take place.


The trail

Cimitero dei Protestanti (a cemetery), valle del monte Giove (a valley), eremo di Santa Caterina (a hermitage), Rio nell’Elba, Volterraio (a castle), Nisportino beach, Montegrosso, Cavo: these are only some of the stages of this 47-kilometres-long race, between the blue of the sea and the ancient mines of Rio Marina.

The race start is at 8am in Rio Marina, on the east coast of Elba Island.


Not only sport

Maybe you don’t know but Elba Island is a good idea for a vacation even in October: mild temperatures, the colours of autumn, the spas, the scents of grapes, chestnuts and mushrooms. There’s all you a may need for a very relaxing holiday.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Miniera in trail in Rio Marina (how to join, any changes), you can visit the official website of the event,



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