Magazzini beach: relaxation during your holiday on Elba Island

Magazzini beach Elba

In Portoferraio, beaches are several, as you surely know. If this is the destination of your next vacation to Elba Island, and you plan to spend at least a day dedicated to relaxation, there is one that is really for you: it’s Magazzini beach.


The beach

Magazzini is a four meters long beach, made of medium-sized gravel mixed with ocher brown sand. The sea is exactly as you expect from a beach on Elba Island: it is crystal, clear and transparent. The leafy branches of the ancient tamarisks reach almost the sea and below them you can find shade during the hottest hours of the day.

In addition to this, there is its small and picturesque fishing village, where docked the ships that carried salt from the salt mines of Prade and agricultural products from the surrounding countryside.


A beach recommended for…

It’s easy to reach, the water is shallow for several meters, the ancient tamarisks are there with their shade: do you need more to spend a day dedicated only to relaxation? Even if services are few, this beach is recommended during a holiday with family. In addition to this, it is never crowded, even during high season.


How to get there

It’s very easy to arrive at Magazzini beach. From Portoferraio, take the county road to Bagnaia locality. Along the county road, you find the signs to Magazzini locality. Near the beach there is a small parking.

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